Health Promotion Officer is new profession in health sector that deal with prevention of diseases and improving health lifestyles.

Duties of Health Promotion Offer

  1. Treat simple diseases, injuries, wounds and refer to the clinic

  2.  Provide basic nursing care

  3. Provide palliative care

  4.  Take temperature, Bp, Pulse and respiration

  5. Check outbreak of transmitted diseases, teach and refer for treatment

  6. Check Sexual Transmitted Infections, teach and refer for treatment

  7. Check children and refer for immunisation

  8. Check pregnant mothers, mothers who have given birth and their babies and refer for treatment

  9. HIV and AIDS testing and counselling

  10. Check drug and substance abusers and refer them to rehabilitation centres

  11. Teach people about dangers of drug and substance abuse

  12. Teach people about cleanliness of in-house, environment and water

  13. Teach about women and men’s health

  14. Teach about child’s health

  15. Teach about health life styles

Workplace attachment and Prospective employers

Major employer is Department of Health (Clinics, rehabilitation centres, testing and counselling centres) through its implementation of Primary Health Care Re-engineering under NHI.

Other employers include Schools, waste disposal plants, water purification plants, local municipalities, Mental Health Centres, Old age homes, mines, Health Research centers, Cancer foundation, heart foundation, diabetes foundation, social department, department of housing and NGOs.

Duration of the course

It is one year course with 3 intakes per year that is January, June and September  

National Examination

Learners will write national exams after completing the course. Exams are written in March and October/November every year.


Learners who have passed National Examination will be awarded Occupational Certificate: Health Promotion Officer by Quality Council

Advanced Study Opportunities

Mid level course is being developed to bridge to Degree in Health Promotion Officer
Degree in Health Promotion
Higher certificate in Social Auxiliary


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Role & Duties of a Home Care Nurse

Home care nurses provide in-home health services for patients and their families. Their visits not only allow patients to remain in the comfort of their home but also help family caregivers stay abreast of their loved ones' health. Working under the supervision of a physician, they coordinate and manage patients’ at-home care plan.

Patient needs are the focus of the home health nurse responsibilities. Like other nurses, she provides care in coordination with a physician and other health care workers. When she visits a patient’s home, she assesses the patient's condition, takes vital signs, such as blood pressure and manages wound care, as needed. Home health nurses often manage and administer prescription medicines when patients need it. She might also check bedridden patients for bed sores and muscle weakness. She writes and sends reports about each visit to the patient's physician. She identifies care issues and makes recommendations about changes to the patient's care plan. She talks to family caregivers who are present during her visits, listens to their concerns and updates them on the patient’s condition.


Health Promotion Officer Level 3


DURATION: 12 months

Course Fee – R23, 000.00

Registration Fee – R800.00

Deposit – R10,000.00

 Monthly Instalment :R2,166.66

Balance: R13 000 in instalments R2,166.66x6 Months


Approved By SAQA-94597 on NQF Level Three

Credits : 163

Home Based Care


DURATION: 6 months

Course Fee – R9,500.00

Registration Fee – R500.00

Deposit – R5,000.00

Monthly Instalment :R1,500.00

Balance: R4,500.00  in instalments of R1,500.00x3 months