Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College

Kayamandi Elderly (pty) Nursing College is Higher institution specialized in nursing.

Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College intends to be the leader in delivery of quality and affordable education and health care. Our responsibility is to the community we serve. 

Kayamandi Elderly Nursing College was founded to assist and uplift previously disadvantaged communities to harness the total potential of individuals who have a passion for nursing and healthcare but lack funds for formal nursing qualifications.

These courses offer a steppingstone to quality healthcare and nursing services at an affordable and attainable rate to the communities.


Passion: We are committed Heart and Mind 

Diversity: We embody the South African Rainbow Nation and the Global Village

Respect: All peoples irrespective of colour and creed should be respected

Dignity: We treat all patients and students as highly as we treat ourselves

Innovation: To change with the times and bring learning and healthcare to the future